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David now does consulting for arts organizations on how to use video, technology and social media. We share our world-leading technology.

After graduating from the prestigious Stuyvesant High School in New York, David Tayler gradually changed the emphasis of studies to Music, but continued to study Physics and Astronomy. He learned digital audio editing on an IBM XT, and, at the same time studied the mainframe Score system of computer notation. He began mutitracking Classical Music concerts after the introduction of the Alesis Eight track digital recorders in 1992, then switched to hard disk multitrack recording using custom made ADC (Analog to Digital Converters).

In 2007, he developed a workflow for remotely and wirelessly combining multiple High Definition video cameras. This led to a number of firsts in streaming 1080p High Definition broadcasts on the Internet of Early Music concerts. In 2014 he began filming the Voices of Music concerts in 4K, ultra high definition format. In 2020, he developed an 8K, multicamera system for filming.

Also in 2020, with his wife Hanneke, he made a series of videos to help musicians record music at home.

As of this writing, June 20218, the Voices of Music channel one of the largest audiences in the world for an Early Music ensemble, with over 90 million views and 250 thousand subscribers.