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Sadly, this list is hopelessly out of date.I'll try to update it over the summer of 2010. As a rough guess, this is perhaps half of my recordings. Later on, I'll rate them so you will know which CDs to recycle.


Where possible, I have supplied links to the current reprints, these often are different than the originals.


Astonishingly, many of these CDs have doubled in price!

And Agrippina is listed for over $300

NB: This page is not completely finished.

ORF, Vienna: Renaissance Lute Songs (1985)
National Public Radio: Chansons and Airs de Cour (1985)

Cappella Nova--I suppose these recordings are somewhere!
Bachground Music: Dances of Fabritio Caroso (1987) A great cassette.
Harmonia Mundi: Arcangelo Corelli Op. 6 Nos. 1-6 (1989) #HMU 9070014 ASIN: B0000007CE
Arabesque: Lute Songs of John Dowland (J. Baird) (1990) #Z6622
Harmonia Mundi: Handel's arias for Montagnana (1990) #HMU 907016
Harmonia Mundi: Corelli Op. 6 Nos. 7-12 (1990) #HMU 907015 ASIN: B0000007CF
Harmonia Mundi: Handel's La Resurrezione (1990) #HMU 907027.28 (2 CD SET)
Harmonia Mundi: Vivaldi Recorder Concertos (Verbruggen) (1990) #HMU 907040
Harmonia Mundi: Handel's Arias for Cuzzoni (Saffer) (1990) #HMU 907036
Harmonia Mundi: 17th c. Trio Sonatas (Arcadian) (1991) #HMU 907506
Harmonia Mundi: Nicola Matteis Sonatas (Arcadian) (1991) #HMU 907067 ASIN: B0000007DC
Harmonia Mundi: Nicola Matteis Sonatas volume II(Arcadian) ASIN: B0000007E4

Koch: Clérambault & Montéclair Cantatas (Baird) (1991) #3-7096-2 H1 ASIN: B000001SEM
Koch: Dowland songs (Elliott, Lolov) (1991) #3-7170-2H1 ASIN: B00000DUXE
            Liner notes also by DT.
Harmonia Mundi: Handel's Agrippina (Capella Savaria) (1991)
            #HMU 9007063.65 (3 CD Set) ASIN: B0000007DA
Harmonia Mundi: Arias for Durastanti (1991) HMU 907056 ASIN: B0000007D7
Harmonia Mundi: Bach Cantatas (W. Parker, Arcadian) (1991)
             #HMU 907601  (special Nightingale label for charity). ASIN: B0000007G1
Koch International: Stylus Phantasticus (J. Thomas) Great recording, never released. Some of my best playing! (1992)
Koch International: The Peaceful Western Wind (J. Thomas) (1992) #3-7265-2 H1
Harmonia Mundi: Handel's Ottone (Freiburg Bar.) (1992) ASIN: B0000007DH
            #HMU 907073.75 (3 CD SET)
Harmonia Mundi: Marco Uccellini La Bergamasca Trio Sonatas (Arcadian) (1992)
            Premier recording,  liner notes by DT. #HMU 907066 ASIN: B0000007DB
Harmonia Mundi: Nicholas McGegan Signature Disk ASIN: B00000DUB0

Harmonia Mundi: Handel Arias for Cuzzoni, Durastanti, Senesino & Montagnana ASIN: B0000007HV

Harmonia Mundi: Vivaldi Concertos for flute & recorder

Hausmusic: In Nova Cantica (1992, Revised 1993)
Koch International: Bach Cantatas (ABS) (1992) #3-7163-2 H1 ASIN: B000001SFO I tuned my bass strings chromatically and played the bass to both lute parts at the same time.
Koch International: Bach Trios; Musical Offering (ABS) (1992)
Harmonia Mundi: Handel's Radamisto (Freiburg Baroque Orchestra) (1993)
            3 CD Set. ASIN: B0000007E7
Teldec: Music of the Mexican Baroque (Chanticleer) (1993) Cool CD ASIN: B000000SOW

Teldec: Matins for the Virgin of Guadeloupe ASIN: B000005825
Harmonia Mundi: Purcell's Dido and Aeneas (PBO, 1993) ASIN: B0000007E6
Harmonia Mundi: Nicola Matteis Trio Sonatas, volume two (Arcadian, 1993) ASIN: B0000007E4

Koch International: Bach Cantatas (1994; production and technical assistance)
Koch: The Romance of the Rose ASIN: B000001SEO cool oud solo
ABS: Brandenburg Concertos--coming soon 2007! Recorded in 1966!

Koch International: J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concertos (ABS)
Amherst Recordings: Music of Heinrich Isaac (production, Lute) The lute solo on this recording was recorded in a classroom at UC Berkeley. Needless to say, not a lot of edits.
HMU: With Charming Notes: Music of Henry Purcell (Arcadian)In addition to playing, I wrote the liner notes and compared the music to the facsimiles at UC Berkeley

Koch: Aquitanian Polyphony Heliotrope ASIN: B0000061KN
Sony: Vivaldi Cello Concertos (for 1996) (Tafelmusik) ASIN: B0000029TO
BMG: Vivaldi Concertos (PBO) (1996)

Lorraine Hunt - Handel Arias ASIN: B0000007EU

Conifer:: Scarlatti Cantatas, Volume I ASIN: B0000024ES

Conifer: Scarlatti Cantatas, Volume II Arcadian Academy ASIN: B00000DFKP

BMG: Scarlatti Cantatas, Volume III Arcadian ASIN: B000023YQ8

BMG: Scarlatti Cantatas Volume IV Arcadian Academy ASIN: B000059GES

Reference: Vivaldi for diverse instruments ASIN: B0000015AD

Scarlatti: Caecilian Vespers ASIN: B0006BAUIA Also on magnatune

Handel: Atalanta PBO on magnatune Fine recording of a Handel Opera

Legrenzi: Venice before Vivaldi on magnatune

ABS: What Sweeter Music ASIN: B0002A709W

ABS: Schutz: Musicalische Exequien ASIN: B000007N8A

ABS: Bach: Harpsichord Concertos ASIN: B000A8AXCC

List Magnificat CDs here--7 CDs

Cozzolani: Vespro della Beta Vergine ASIN: B00005RZYL 3 CDs Premiere Recording

Cozzolani: Messa Paschale ASIN: B00006B1OC Great CD Premiere Recording

List Orinda CDs here

Airs de Cour on magnatune French Lute songs with Jennifer Lane

Farallon Recorder Quartet on magnatune Music of Ludwig Senfl

Firebird Motel on Aris Label

RCA: The Dark Is My Delight ASIN: B000003G9X Lute Songs with Brian Asawa

An Evening with Bach magnatune ASIN:B000P0ILE2

Sonatas & Preludes November 2007

Handel Festival recordings: These are released by the Handel Society, and include a number of Operas, oratorios and concerts, especially the world premiere of the Scarlatti Vespers and the world premiere of the Handel Gloria.

Radio, Television and NPR broadcasts both in Europe and the United States that are not premier broadcasts are not listed; these average five to fifteen per year.